7 best apps to study now from your Android

by muratbooz -

Do you want to know the seven best apps to study? Your smartphone doesn't just have to be the device on which you receive messages, check your social networks or make calls. Your smartphone can also be a medium with which to learn new knowledge. With the applications that we will mention you can do it. 

What are apps to study?

They are software that will support you during your education. With apps to study, you can fulfill your academic responsibilities, reinforce your knowledge, do research, as well as be in contact with your teachers, etc.

In addition, thanks to these programs you will be able to organize yourself properly, since some of them have reminders. So, you will always know what subject you have to study, what text you have to read or what assignment you have to hand in. 

They also allow you to schedule times and dates for homework, among many other functions that you must download the app to discover.

If you are interested in using an application to study on your Android, you just have to download them through the Play Store.

Meet 7 apps to study with your Android

Now we do. In this section we will mention some of the best apps to study..

1 - Duolingo

You can get started in English in a fun and playful way, with the help of this platform that you can download to your Android smartphone.

With this application you can master the language through games whose lessons have a fluid development. So, the more levels you pass, the difficulty will increase; which indicates that in this app you will have to reach and surpass your own score.

2 - Google Drive

This tool allows you to create documents and collaborate with other classmates when working on joint tasks. It also stores up to 15 GB of assignments, documents, notes and teacher presentations for free, and if you need more, you can buy more space.

You can also use it to scan documents, work, even if you don't have an Internet connection, among other functions.In this way, you can better manage your work and optimize your time while studying, your documents and projects.

3 -Evernote

It is a useful tool for you to take notes needed in classes; in this way, you will have backup of the information offered by the teacher.

In that sense, Evernote is designed to collect and organize texts, images, videos and recordings. These are backed up in the cloud.

4 - Kobo

It is an application that allows you to download a large selection of books to read them whenever you want, wherever you are. It is available for your smartphone, computer or tablet. 

So, if you are a reading lover or need books for your education, this app is perfect. Well, Kobo offers more than 4 million e-books in eight languages to help you consolidate your knowledge in the classroom.

5 - Coursera

You may also be interested in complementing your knowledge with online courses offered by this platform. It has professors from the world's leading universities.

Within the application, you will have access to the complete catalog of courses and you will be able to follow your progress. 

In addition, Coursera allows you to continue the course where you left off, as well as connect directly with your professors and other students.

6 - DLE (Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy)

For 8.99 euros you can download the Dictionary of the Spanish language of the RAE on your Android. This application will be very useful when you need to make, for example, a quick spell check.

It should be noted that the app can be used without an Internet connection and has a very intuitive and easy to use interface. 

7 - My Study Life

And if you are looking for practicality and organization of your tasks, with this free application you will achieve it. 


Because this app to study has a calendar in which you can add the schedule of your course, as well as the due dates of assignments and evaluations.