Everything you need to know about artificial intelligence and its uses

by muratbooz -

Do you want to know what artificial intelligence is and what it is used for? In this article we tell you about it. This technology is used in websites, applications and games that we use in everyday life. Do you want to know more? Let's get started. 

What is artificial intelligence? 

It can be defined as the ability of a machine or software to demonstrate abilities inherent to humans. Such as reasoning, learning, planning or creating.

We speak of AI when expert systems observe their environment. They also receive data (prepared by others or collected by themselves), process it and perform actions related to the achievement of a specific goal.

In this sense, AI systems have the ability to adapt their behavior. This, by analyzing the results of previous actions, and they operate autonomously.

Types of artificial intelligence

The following are two of the most important types of AI:

Computer program

Those that are part of what is intangible within expert systems. Examples are: virtual assistants, image recognition programs, online search engines, facial and voice recognition systems.

With physical form

These are those that acquire materiality. For example: robots, autonomous vehicles, drones.

What is artificial intelligence for?

AI has a presence in everyday life in many ways. It is already at the heart of many applications that we use all the time. Let's see how it is used in some human activities.

Advertising and online shopping

It is used to offer personalized shopping suggestions based on things searched for or purchased in the past. 

In commerce, artificial intelligence is important because it helps to optimize products and their delivery, plan necessary inventory, etc.

Online search

Search engines collect and process large amounts of data to deliver increasingly accurate and personalized search results.

Personal digital assistants

Smartphones offer virtual assistants to answer questions, make recommendations and organize daily routines.

Machine translations

Interpretation and translation software relies on artificial intelligence to perform and improve translations.

Autonomous vehicles

Although autonomous vehicles are not yet ubiquitous on the streets, today's vehicles use many artificial intelligence functions, including navigation.

In communications

Some applications try to identify fake news and misinformation by analyzing data from social networks. That is, they search for words with sensational or surprising effects and evaluate the license of online sources.

In the industry

Currently, artificial intelligence has a presence in the area of large-scale manufacturing through robotics. Facilitating production processes and making them more profitable.


Scientists are working to leverage artificial intelligence to analyze large volumes of data and discover patterns, improving diagnostics.

For example, there is already a program that responds to distress calls and claims to recognize symptoms of heart disease faster than an operator.


Why is artificial intelligence important?

Some AI technology processes are more than 50 years old. But, the last few years have seen real breakthroughs thanks to the increase in processing power; as well as the acquisition of huge data sets and the development of new algorithms.

Predictions point to AI bringing about major changes, including a complete digital transformation of society. Therefore, it is becoming a priority for all technology development, educational and government corporations.