Meet the Candy Camera application: the app to improve selfies

by muratbooz -

The Candy Camera application is making people talk. The reason? It is a tool that allows us to take selfies or self-portraits easily and with very good results.

Whether for entertainment, work, education... Taking selfies has become a common activity in people's daily lives. Unfortunately, we don't always get good shots the first time. Just to improve this, Candy Camera has arrived on the market.

The best selfies thanks to Candy Camera application 

Also known as the selfie beautifier, Candy Camera app works as a kind of photo and video editor and selfie camera at the same time. What makes it novel is that edits and adjustments can be made at the instant the picture is taken. 

The tool allows you to evaluate in real time what the final result of the photograph will be. Like the functionalities of many digital cameras, elements such as tone, hue, saturation, color balance and other technical aspects can be modified.


However, it does not end here. Its strong point is that within its functions it allows you to beautify the photo. It does so with options such as the elimination of imperfections, eye enlargement, increased brightness in the eyes and much more.


Functions available within the application

Candy Camera is considered to be one of the most generous photo apps. Much is due to the wide variety of functions available for editing photos before and after shooting. Among the 3 most outstanding ones are:


  • Special filters for selfies. The variety of filters for selfies focus primarily on improving the appearance of the skin. The best thing is that it can be used before taking the picture.

  • Beauty options. It has a makeup editor that allows you to enhance your attributes, while concealing imperfections. Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and more.

  • Stickers. It also includes a collection of stickers and stickers that can be used to decorate the photo.

Candy Camera. How to use

No complications! If something positively characterizes Candy Camera application is its simple interface. So navigating within the tool is very easy. Most of its functions are discovered, almost intuitively. If you want to edit in real time you have to:

  1. Access the application, select the camera option and choose between photo or video modes.

  2. Choose the function to be used: filter, beauty application, sticker...

  3. Take the photo or start the video.

  4. Finally, finalize and export the file.

  5. Now, those who prefer to use the tool as a default photo and video editor must, after accessing the application, import the file to work with.

Download Candy Camera

The Candy Camera application is available for Android devices, totally free! To download just go to the Play Store. Enter the name of the app in the search engine and when the results appear, start the download. 

Or you can download it in apk format: from here

In theory we are talking about an application with a lot to offer. It is versatile, allows editing in real time, so it saves us time. What could be its main disadvantage for some is that it does not have a social service. Therefore, files cannot be shared with other users.

However, this is something that can be solved by simply downloading. Finally, it should be considered that the functionalities present variations depending on the version that is downloaded.